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UFO’s goal is to have an edible micro garden in each condo and house, and fertilize it with recycled food scraps. UFO, Inc. applies known science towards creating the devices that make this possible. This reduces our dependence on food produced from finite resources (water, phosphorous) and polluting processes (fossil fuel-based nitrogen fertilizer).

UFO's ecological goal is to help close the plant nutrient recycling loop, by processing waste and producing edible plants in households and offices. UFO's social purpose is to empower urban resident to grow food from waste, to prevent artificial scarcity (a term borrowed from Open Source Ecology!).

At UFO I prototyped several devices used for either stabilizing waste, rpcessing it to fertilizer and using the byproduct to grow plants, in small vertical spaces. These steps form the on-site nutrient recycling loop. The Plant Pods, a suspended indoor garden for growing food without using floor space, was the first to attract customers. This product is now available in beta, while others are being tested. UFO also created excel applications based on mathematical models, to simplify recycling biodegradable waste. On the long term UFO aims to develop futuristic line of products that makes it simple to grow food at home, while recycling waste.


UFO, Inc. is founded by Hala Chaoui, after working in academic research on waste and biomass conversion. Hala conceptualized UFO's products and created proof of concepts.

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