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Science of vermicasting

The Earthworm Pods    (modular, patent pending app. no. 61558065)

Each pod in a string of Earthworm Pods contains 100 earthworms that consume 1/4 cup of chopped waste per day. The waste becomes earthworm-free earthworm casts (vermicast, vermicompost), a premium fertilizer.

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Earthworm Pods
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Why the Earthworm System, or Earthworm Pods?

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Scientific Basis
Custom solutions
  1. -Earthworms self-separate from the finished material. Simply let the material above the insert dry, and earthworms retrieve into the moist soil below. Remove the pod from its holder and sprinkle out the dry, finished earthworm casts. Other systems require manual separation of earthworms. 

  1. -No paper or cardboard bedding. Just add chopped waste to the included organic material, after placing earthworms in the pods.

  1. -Small volume of soil and waste (up to 680 ml, 3 cups) in each pod. Air diffuses throughout the waste and prevents fermentation.

  1. -Closed containers that seal in the waste.

  1. -Ideal for small kitchens, like inside this boat cabin. They don’t take up any floor space.

Earthworm Pods also double as Plant Pods: a string of hanging self-watering plant containers, which can be removed from their holder for convenient harvesting.

  1. -A self-watering reservoir and porous walls give earthworms enough air and water, and prevent the usual fermentation, odour and flies.

Price of each Earthworm Pod: $20
    23 oz volume
    Can be installed individually 
    or attached to another Pod
    Earthworms not included
To order, email info@urbanfarmsorganic.com
For large or industrial waste quantities, see the modular Earthworm System