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Science of vermicasting

The self-watering plant crate

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Plant Crate
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Why the Earthworm System, or Earthworm Pods?

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Custom solutions
  1. -The soil inside the planter is well watered and well aerated, without any labor.

  1. -A divider inside the crate creates an air chamber under the soil.

  1. -The wick-watering reservoir has a valve attached to an open water hose. The reservoir can also be filled manually.

  1. -Simply add potting mix, possibly some earthworm casts on top of the divider. Turn on the water, allow the soil to wick water through the felt band, then transplant your seedlings.  

  1. -Coming soon: several planters connected by a water line, to have a self-watering garden.

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For large or industrial waste quantities, see the modular Earthworm System