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Underlying science of vermicasting

The Earthworm Crate  (modular, patent pending app. no. 61558065)

An Earthworm Crate is a milk crate retrofitted with a kit by UFO. 1/3 lb of earthworms are mixed with 5 litres of earthworm feed (pre-composted waste). Earthworms consume the waste in 2 weeks. After up to 2 more weeks of drying, the processed material becomes earthworm-free earthworm casts (vermicast, vermicompost), a potent fertilizer.

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Earthworm System
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Custom solutions

One or more stackable Earthworm Crates fit in a kitchen, and turn waste into dry, earthworm-free earthworm casts in 30 days, using Red Wigglers (Eisenia foetida). 

Earthworms self-separate, no need for earthworm handling.

Earthworms have access to air and water in the porous, self-watering crates. This allows earthworms to process the material faster.

The retrofitted crates are modular and can be stacked vertically and horizontally, and paired with float valves and a water manifold for automatic wick-watering. This is useful for processing large quantities of waste such as spend compost in a mushroom factory, or pre-composted food waste in a restaurant or school.

These same crates can be filled with soil to grow plants in them, using vertical space.

Large scale application

A model created by UFO is used to predict earthworm dynamic and waste ingestion rate in a 2-cell earthworm system.

The design is based on earthworm feeding rate and movement

Instructions for household Earthworm System
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Why the Earthworm Crates?