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Rammed earth wall

Non-toxic soil (several types) are rammed in temporary molds to create thick walls. These improve insulation, are water-resistant and can be waterproofed. New technology reduces the labor needed to create rammed earth walls. 

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Voltaic solar panel

Solar energy heats photovoltaic cells, composed of semiconducting, which generates electric current.

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Green roof

Tiles designed to contain plants on roofs. Green roofs help filter the air, insulate homes and reduce heat emissions and greenhouse effect.

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Eco kitchen                 more

Different means of transforming food scraps to fertilizer, indoors, and turning kitchens to micro farms.

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Skylight and


Bring extra sun light into the home, reduce heating and lighting costs. Sunpipes have internal reflective surfaces, used to route light to areas far from windows and roofs.

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Grey water filter

Filter water from sinks and bathtubs and route it to the toilet or garden. This reduces fresh water consumption.

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Vertical axis windmills use wind to power electric generators and produce electricity.

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Eco Window

Engineered windows can reflect solar heat in summer, absorb it in winter and improve home insulation. This reduces heating and cooling costs.

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Thermo solar panel

The sun heats water as it circulates in conduits in the solar panel. This offsets the cost of hot water.

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